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Acetaminophen use in pregnancy linked to autism, ADHD in offspring

Acetaminophen is one of the very few painkillers considered generally safe to use during pregnancy. A new study, however, suggests it may not be so safe after all, after identifying a link between prenatal exposure to the drug and symptoms of autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Researchers suggest pregnant women who use acetaminophen are […]

E-cigarettes ‘just as harmful as tobacco’ for oral health

Electronic cigarettes are often marketed as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. When it comes to oral health, however, new research suggests vaping may be just as harmful as smoking. Researchers suggest vaping may be equally – if not more – harmful for oral health than smoking. In a study published in the journal Oncotarget, researchers […]

Language learning boosts brain plasticity and ability to code new information

By studying brain electrical activity of volunteers, researchers found that language acquisition enhances brain plasticity and capacity for learning. In particular, they note that early language learning plays a significant role in the rapid formation of memory circuits for coding new information. The researchers found that the more languages a volunteer had mastered, the faster […]

Chronic stress leads to brain inflammation and memory loss

People who experience chronic stress due to bullying or a tough job also run a higher risk of memory loss, according to a new study published in The Journal of Neuroscience. People who are constantly stressed by bullying or a difficult job may be prone to short-term memory loss, too. Previous studies have connected chronic stresswith long-term anxiety. […]

Cancer breakthrough? Drug combo eradicated breast cancer tumors in 11 days

A cancer drug duo could one day eliminate the need for chemotherapy for women with HER2-positive breast cancer; in a new study, a combination of two drugs was found to completely eradicate or significantly shrink breast cancer tumors within 11 days of diagnosis. Women with HER2-positive breast cancer saw a complete eradication or significant reduction […]

Coffee may protect against liver cirrhosis

Drinking coffee every day is linked to a reduced risk of liver cirrhosis, according to a new review of published evidence that also suggests drinking two extra cups a day may nearly halve the risk of dying from the disease. The researchers say the link between coffee and lower risk of liver cirrhosis is larger […]

Hypertension: have we missed something?

If you were wearing red on February 5th, chances are that you already know February is American Heart Month. For its part, the slogan this year for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is “Make blood pressure control your goal.” The aim is to prevent a million heart attacks and strokes in the US […]

Nanosensors: the future of diagnostic medicine?

A vital goal of diagnostic medicine is to be able to diagnose medical problems as swiftly as possible, enabling clinicians to treat patients before any irreversible or long-lasting damage can occur. Nanosensors are made from carbon nanotubes, each 100,000 times smaller than a strand of hair. Speeding up the process of diagnosis is a major […]