E-cigarettes ‘just as harmful as tobacco’ for oral health

Electronic cigarettes are often marketed as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. When it comes to oral health, however, new research suggests vaping may be just as harmful as smoking. Researchers suggest vaping may be equally – if not more – harmful for oral health than smoking. In a study published in the journal Oncotarget, researchers […]

How to Do 8 Hours of Work in 4

Whether you’re about to head on vacation, something big is happening in the real world, or you just can’t seem to focus, sometimes you’d love to just cut out early at work. That being said, duty calls—that report that’s due today, those emails lingering in your inbox, that meeting at 4 PM won’t just disappear. But […]

Merged VR: Augmented Reality Cubed

here is considerable development activity at the high end of hardware and content creation for virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as such AR aliases as mixed reality, extended reality and others. Most industry investment is aimed at leading-edge gaming and industrial application development. However, the low-end of the market is also worth looking […]

Gadget Ogling: Trending Hot Plates, Toys for Future Coders, and a Ringy Dingy Ring

elcome to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, the column that takes a job at the White House only to lose it 10 days later for spending too much time discussing the latest gadget announcements on the phone. In our explosive phone calls this time around are a connected cooking tool from a viral content publisher, a […]

In search of the Northern Lights in Iceland and Scotland

In a world full of man-made creations and a fast pace of life, sometimes we need to step back, slow down and marvel at some of the world’s breathtaking natural wonders. The Northern Lights – also known as the Aurora Borealis – are the epitome of natural wonders and 2012 is one of the best years to […]

Guadeloupe – Caribbean with the extra je ne sais quoi

Guadeloupe is an intoxicating mix of Caribbean cool and French chic. The French influence gives it a very different dynamic to that of West Indies islands such as Barbados, Antigua and Jamaica which are more familiar to British travellers. As an overseas department of France, French is spoken and its currency is the Euro. Visitors entering the country via […]

Abergavenny Food Festival, Wales

My three year old son is in the back of the car patting his tummy and licking his lips and saying “Abergavenny, Abergavenny, Abergavenny” over and over again. He can he possibly remember our previous visit to this mecca of epicurean delights? He asks when we will be having lunch. “I want gnocchi” he demands. […]

Language learning boosts brain plasticity and ability to code new information

By studying brain electrical activity of volunteers, researchers found that language acquisition enhances brain plasticity and capacity for learning. In particular, they note that early language learning plays a significant role in the rapid formation of memory circuits for coding new information. The researchers found that the more languages a volunteer had mastered, the faster […]

Time-Delayed Eating: Studies Show It Can Help You Lose Pounds

Are you someone who loves to plan what you’re doing days or hours in advance? While friends and family might teasingly poke fun at this habit, when it comes to eating healthily, it turns out you might have an advantage. A series of experiments led by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has revealed that when […]

City break in Tunis – an overlapping of cultures, religions and history

Think of a city break and one thinks of Paris, Prague or Rome. Point your compass further south and the Tunisian Capital of Tunis comes sharply into focus. A chance to flirt with the continent of Africa is a mere 2.5 hours flying time from the UK, yet seems a world away from the traditional […]